Virtual GISday 2021 Virtual GISday 2021

Keynote Speaker

NakalembeDr. Catherine Nakalembe

University of Maryland, Department of Geographical Sciences

Dr. Nakalembe is an Associate Research Professor at the University of Maryland, the Africa Program Director under NASA Harvest, and a member of the NASA SERVIR Applied Sciences Team on which she serves as the Agriculture and Food Security Thematic Lead. Catherine has broad research interests and leads projects focusing on the development methods and applications of satellite remote sensing and machine learning to agriculture and food security, land use and land-use change mapping, humanitarian mapping, and climate change, and supports several capacity-building in the use of remote sensing for agriculture monitoring and research.

Gisday 2021 Welcome

Welcome & Digital Exhibits


Jose Cardoso da Silva, Chair Department of Geography and Sustainable

Charles Eckman, Dean and University Librarian

Leonidas Bachas, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Jorge Quintela, GIS and Data Specialist, University of Miami Libraries


Gisday 2021 RoundtableGIS and Sustainable Development

Justin Stoler, Associate Professor, Department of Geography and Sustainable Development
GIS and Biodiversity Conservation
Rachel Schueller, Abess Center for Ecosystem and Policy
GIS and Urban Transportation
Jane Perlman, Masters of Sustainable Urban Development, Kellogg College, Oxford
GIS and Urban Economics
Han Li, Assistant Professor, Department of Geography and Sustainable Development


Gisday 2021 SpeakerKeynote Speaker

Jose Cardoso da Silva, Professor, Department of Geography and Sustainable Development
How Earth Observations and Machine Learning are Supporting Agricultural Monitoring and Food Security Globally
Catherine Lilian Nakalembe, Associate Research Professor, Department of Geographical Sciences, University of Maryland