Our Faculty

Jose Maria Cardoso da Silva

Chair of Geography and Regional Studies
Secondary Faculty in Biology


(305) 284-6890
Dr. José Maria Cardoso da Silva is a biogeographer who studies the relationships between socio-economic development and environmental conservation in tropical regions. In his research, he integrates concepts and theories from geography, ecology, biogeography, conservation science, sustainability science, and political science to explore...

Douglas O Fuller



(305) 284-6695
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Richard J. Grant



(305) 284-6689

Imelda K Moise

Asst. Professor


Trained as a health geographer, Dr Moise's overarching program of research focuses on families and communities at risk. Her methodological expertise lies in utilizing quantitative and qualitative methods, often employing mixed methods study designs including geospatial analysis to examine the sociocultural and contextual...

Shivangi Prasad

Senior Lecturer


(305) 284-4087
Shivangi Prasad's research focuses on natural hazards, climate change, social vulnerability modeling, resilience building, and GIS/spatial analysis. She is particularly interested in exploring human-environmental interactions from the perspective of human vulnerability, response and adaptation to creeping climate stresses as well as sudden...

Shouraseni Sen Roy



(305) 284-4820
Professor Sen Roy's research and teaching interests center on Climatology and GIS. Her work focuses on spatio-temporal patterns of precipitation across the Indian subcontinent, using advanced statistical GIS techniques to analyze trends in climatic variables. Research projects include: the impact of global teleconnections on the summer...

Ira M. Sheskin



(305) 284-6693
Professor Sheskin is widely recognized for his work on the geography and demography of the American Jewish community. His areas of expertise involve the collection, analysis, and presentation of quantitative data. Much of his work can be found at www.jewishdatabank.org. He is the editor of the American Jewish Year Book and authors the annual...

Justin B Stoler

Associate Professor


(305) 284-6692
Dr. Stoler's research explores the geographic patterns of urban health disparities and environmental influences on social and behavioral epidemiology. He holds a secondary appointment in the Department of Public Health Sciences, and is an affiliate of the Abess Center for Ecosystem Science & Policy. Dr. Stoler enjoys field work and has...

Diana K Ter-Ghazaryan



(305) 284-6679
Dr. Ter-Ghazaryan directs the Department's Geospatial Technology Certificate Program. Her research and teaching interests lie at the intersection of geospatial technology and cultural geography, and she works on finding ways to map and visualize the abstract and ethereal, such as connection to place, nationhood, identity and the like. One...

Harold R. Wanless



(305) 798-6735

Lilian E Yaffe, Ph.D.

Senior Lecturer


(305) 284-8833