Prof. Stoler on water as ‘a pillar of modern society‘
Profs. Grant & Sen Roy report PortMiami is strong; its network shows climate vulnerabilities
Prof. Wang published a paper in Political Geography that examines the relationship between party affiliation and the legacy of Home Owners' Loan Corporation (HOLC) redlining maps in Miami



Prof. Grant's new book titled "The Urban Question in Africa: Uneven Geographies of Transition"
Profs. Grant & Sen Roy published on climate adaptation and resilience indices in the Caribbean region
Prof. Silva suggests in the journal Nature that the Cerrado region should not suffer any further habitat loss
Prof. Wang researchs the decision-making process behind household lawncare
Prof. Stoler published on water insecurity in Cartagena, Colombia
Prof. Moise published on disparities in violent crime during the COVID-19 lockdown
Prof. Moulioukova in article Shaken by uprising, Putin tightens grip
Chan Li, graduate of our Master of Public Sustainability and Resilience program, published a paper with Profs. Grant and Sen Roy on Belize City
Prof. Silva and colleagues explore the nexus of business, biodiversity and innovation in Brazil
Prof. Stoler studies new approaches to evaluating water interventions around the globe
Prof. Sheskin honored with the prestigious 2023 Marshall Sklare Award
Prof. Harold Wanless and Prof. Emmett Evanoff have published a new book



Prof. Sheskin's 2021 report on US Jewish Population Estimates by Geographic Areas
What’s really driving ‘climate gentrification’ in Miami? It isn’t fear of sea-level rise
Prof. Silva on Conservation: How much will it cost us to save the Amazon? (In German)
Prof. Silva proposes a new method to assess the sustainability of the development pathways
Prof. Li and Prof. Grant published a paper on climate gentrification in Miami
Prof. Grant with colleagues in Ghana and Denmark launched a new research project on Sustainable Water Systems in Ghana
Prof. Sen Roy published on real estate investment through geospatial analysis
Prof. Silva published on resilience in drylands
Scientists warn South Florida coastal cities will be affected by sea level rise
Prof. Haoluan Wang joins the Department of Geography and Sustainable Development
The cost to preserve the Amazon
Medical, scientific advances help boost world population to 8 billion
Protecting Brazil’s Amazon could be a bargain — if the government were willing to pay
The impact of COVID-19 on service delivery systems: evidence from a survey of United States refugee resettlement agencies



Prof. Sheskin's 2020 report on US Jewish Population Estimates by Geographic Areas
Prof. Sen Roy received an award from the American Institute of Indian Studies
Prof. Grant published a new article on urban governance, urban planning, and food
Professor devotes his career to chronicling U.S. Jewish communities
The Brazilian private sector can boost global conservation by converting their conservation lands into privately protected areas
Prof. Imelda Moise was awarded tenure
MPS graduate students presented research at UM's Symposium on Sub-Tropical and Tropical Coastal Resilience
Prof. Grant contributed to a publication on storm surge flooding assessment in Miami-Dade
Prof. Sen Roy published on air quality in Dehli during Covid
Prof. Grant published on formalising E-waste in Ghana



The ecological intensity of human well-being at the local level
Youth and weapons: Patterns, individual and neighborhood correlates of violent crime arrests in Miami-Dade County, Florida
A green transition in South Africa? Sociotechnical experimentation in the Atlantis Special Economic Zone
An environmental leader in the making
What’s in a Name? Undergraduate Student Perceptions of Geography, Environment, and Sustainability Key Words and Program Names
Conservation and Development
Funding gaps in Brazilian Protected Areas
A sustainable agricultural landscape model for tropical drylands
Cerrado and Caatinga: Two threatened South American regions
Beyond handwashing: Water insecurity undermines COVID-19 response in developing areas
Holocaust Exposure and Emotional Attachment to Israel
Cemeteries in Miami-Dade, FL are important areas to be targeted in mosquito management and control efforts
Protected Areas do not constrain local economic growth in the Brazilian Amazon
Prof. Grant awarded the Kwado Konadu-Agyemang Distinguished Scholar in African Geography
Spatial inequality of housing value changes since the financial crisis
Devoted to Biodiversity Conservation