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In our undergraduate programs, our students learn how to:

Master the concepts and theories essential to understanding how our world works
Draw connections and understand the links between global changes and challenges, humanity, and the environment
Get hands-on experience in collecting and analyzing data by using cutting-edge geospatial software tools
Examine and find solutions for global problems by using different analytical lenses and methods
Ask socially relevant questions
Present ideas clearly and compellingly
Think critically and develop intellectual autonomy
Work effectively in multi-cultural environments and collaborative settings

We offer the following:

A student-centered department
High-quality instruction by experts in the field
Outstanding mentors
Opportunities for research, professional networking, and internships
Opportunities for studying abroad
Paid membership for the American Association of Geographers (for majors only)
A vibrant honor society
Interdisciplinary studies and flexible degree programs

The best program for you depends on your long-term goals. Explore the options below to decide and plan your journey:

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