Bachelor of Arts in Geography and Sustainable Development

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The B.A. in Geography and Sustainable Development is our most flexible degree program and combines basic and advanced courses in geography, with geospatial technology as an option.

The curriculum provides an exciting challenge to those who wish to think critically and creatively about the world around them and understand the interactions of socio-environmental changes.

We especially recommend our B.A. to students who are most interested in humanities or social sciences. Our B.A. students often complete a second major in the arts, history, communication, business, economics, political science, marine policy, international studies, sociology, and anthropology.

The B.A. is also an excellent option for students who plan to go to law school or graduate programs in human geography and related fields such as public health, urban planning, sustainable development, management, and corporate sustainability.

Students who have pursued two majors reported that a Geography and Sustainable Development degree gave them a unique global perspective that is usually missing in other more specific degrees. This perspective, in turn, made them very competitive in the job market.

Our B.A. students usually go to work for governments, businesses, urban and regional planning, research, and teaching positions.

Learn more about the requirements for a B.A. in Geography and Sustainable Development.