Extreme weather, climate change pose a threat to global infrastructure
Interest in study abroad surges



Prof. Sheskin will present in a talk on polling in 2022
23 and us: The problem of counting American Jews in 2022
South Florida Jewish leaders critical of former President Trump's comments about American Jews, Israel
Prof. Wanless interviewed on Hurricane Ian
Prof. Sheskin’s research on synagogues is cited in an article about a new synagogoue
Prof. Sheskin on the number of synagogues in the United States
Prof. Sheskin on the Jewish vote in Florida
New federal regulations target ghost guns
Prof. Sheskin on Zelenskyy’s popularity showcases growing religious tolerance
Prof. Moulioukova interviewed about Russia and Ukraine
University experts analyze Putin’s incentives for Ukraine invasion



Prof. Sheskin on changes in ethnicity and population growth in Monroe County, FL
Prof. Sheskin on acceptance of LGBT status in the American Jewish community
From Zumba to Torah, how Hispanic Jewish immigrants invigorated Jewish Miami
New census data shapes neighborhoods, cities, politics
Prof. Sheskin being praised by the foremost historian of American Jewry for his statements on Jews of Color
Greenland mass ice-melting event is latest worrisome sign of climate crisis
● Graduate student tackles issues of sustainability, resilience
Prof. Sheskin on The Success of South Florida Jewry
Standing up to the Social-Justice Mobs Within the Jewish Community cites Professor Sheskin on ideologic bias in social science research
Prof. Sheskin on the Jewish community of Surfside
Prof. Sheskin on the Tragedy in Surfside
Prof. Sheskin on the Jewish community of Surfside and Miami
New app tracks human mobility and COVID-19
Prof. Sheskin discussed the implications of the Pew Study of Jewish Americans in 2020
Adapting to climate change with micro geographies
Prof. Sheskin talked about Jews of Color
GEG 101 students participate in Earth Day
Prof. Sheskin talked about the future of American Jews
Prof. Wanless writes about sea level rise in The Guardian
Wastewater crisis sheds light on Florida’s environmental troubles
Sinking land and rising seas: the dual crises facing coastal communities
Should water be traded as a commodity?
We need the courage to truly tackle global warming
Uber trips in and around South Florida
Prof. Sheskin talked about the future of American Jewish populations
Immigration, intermarriage and education making US Jewry larger and more diverse
Critics find plenty wrong in DeSantis vaccinating Holocaust survivors first
2020 polling errors, dissected (video)
Immigration, intermarriage and education making U.S. Jewry larger, more diverse



Graduate student guided by Dr. Grant is a finalist of the 2020 ArcGIS StoryMaps Competition for the Sustainable Development Goals
The 2020 Election with an Emphasis on Florida
Florida, where the Jewish vote for president really counts
For Biden, Jewish voter turnout is key in Florida as race tightens
According to Latest Polls, Florida Jews Are Mobilizing for Biden
Florida's Jewish Voters Eye Supreme Court Fight
Can Jews Influence The 2020 Election?
Vulnerability and COVID-19 in Miami-Dade
American Jewish Political Behavior and the 2020 Elections
As seniors turn against Trump, are old Florida Jews among them?
Expanding scholarship and research on South America
A third of Americans might refuse a Covid-19 vaccine. How screwed are we?
The COVID-19 pandemic has been buffeting American Jewry for months. What lies ahead?
Is Trump good for Israel?
Florida Election Update: Trump and Biden Fight for the Jewish Margin
In Florida, Democrats focus on coronavirus, Republicans on Israel
This crisis will not miss anyone: American Jews are getting used to a new life. (in Hebrew)
Who supports QAnon? Here’s what our poll finds
Nikki Fried Attacks Florida Governor's Covid-19 Response
How Many American Jews Are There? Depends Which Jewish Expert You Ask
Florida: A Jewish Battleground State?
Work by Prof. Stoler referenced in the New York Times
US Jewish Population Approaches 7 Million: Implications for the 2020 US Presidential Election
GIS student projects selected to ESRI virtual map gallery
Do Floridians want social distancing fines and face mask policies?
Will Black Americans fear a vaccine more than COVID-19?
Floridians may take it slow as state reopens
The influential Jewish vote in Florida
For the poor, little access to clean water increases COVID-19 risk
How Many Jews of Color Are There?
Cinematic voyage across the globe’s oceans captivates and educates
Prof. Wanless talks in the Nature, Health, and Built Environment webinar organized by the Congress for the New Urbanism
Prof. Wanless talks on the Impacts of Sea Level Rise in Florida (scan down to find the video)
Prof. Wanless interviewed on climate change and its consequences (radio program in German)
Spotlight on: Urban Mining in Ghana
‘Water insecurity’ may prompt migration
Take survey to play part in Jewish community visioning project
‘I think it’s Israel’: How Orthodox Jews became Republicans



Taking her skills abroad for a greater good
Florida's Climate-Action Heroes: These Men And Women Are Doing Their Part
The Amazon is on fire—here is why it matters
Is Newark the next Flint?
The Forward’s Jewish Donor Tracking Methodology, Explained
The American Jewish Year Book, a Record for Posterity
KKK rally in Dayton to draw response from Jews, others
Donald Trump says Jews are leaving the Democratic Party, but there’s no proof