Bachelor of Science in Geography and Sustainable Development

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The B.S. in Geography and Sustainable Development is a rigorous program that combines basic and advanced courses in geography and sustainable development with several courses in geospatial technology.

Geospatial technology has become an essential part of everyday life. It is used to track and understand everything from personal fitness and transportation to changes on the Earth's surface. Therefore, learning geospatial technology is an essential skill in the modern world.

Our students use the power of geospatial technologies and a strong background in human and physical geography to make sense of the large volume of digital data available nowadays and find solutions for global problems.

We prepare students for positions in government, business, urban and regional planning, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), remote sensing, resource management, environmental analysis, research, teaching, and many other areas.

Our B.S. students often pursue a career in geography or pair these studies with a second major in computer science, architecture, engineering, economics, ecosystem science and policy, marine science, and biology.

We especially recommend our B.S. to students who plan to go to medical school or graduate programs in geography and related fields such as public health, urban planning, biodiversity conservation, environmental management, sustainable development, corporate sustainability, and geospatial science.

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