Graduate Students


Current Graduate Students

Qian Huang, BA., MPA., Anhui Univeristy/University of Miami

Assessing mosquito abundance immediately before and after Hurricane Irma, Miami-Dade County, 2017

Advisors: Drs. Moise (committee chair), Fuller and Muturi

Leighton Andrew Shervington, BA., FIU, Anthropology/Sociology (minor in Geography)

The influence of media exposure on water- and sanitation-related behavior in Ghana

Advisors: Drs. Stoler (committee chair), Moise

Jessica Driemeier,

Germany and refugees: what we can learn from Germany’s intake and integration of refugees


Recent Geography MA Graduates

Zella Conyers, BA., Environmental Studies/Geography/Political Science, Stetson University

Modelling the Role of Environmental Variables in 1 Determining the Distribution of the Invasive Burmese 2 Python in Florida

Advisors: Drs. Sen Roy (committee chair), Sheskin and Grant

Julia DiLieo

Vulnerability of the Caribbean Region to future climate change

Advisors: Drs. Silva (committee chair), Prasad, Boswell, Carnaval, Prado and Cunha

Tricia Gomez-Hutchings, BSc, Geosciences and Environment, Université de Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland

Assessing Zika-related knowledge, attitudes, and practices (KAP) among Miami-Dade Residents.

Advisors: Drs. Moise (committee chair), Sheskin and Fuller

Xiaxia Yang

An Urban Crime Analysis of Wynwood, Miami, 2000-2015

Advisors: Drs. Sen Roy (committee chair), Sheskin and Grant

Daniela Belloli, BA University of Miami
Gentrification in Miami's Coconut Grove

Ian Berdie, BA Carleton College

Srinivas Chokkakula, Ph.D. Program, University of Washington

Daniel Clement, Michigan State University

Tom Clery, BA, University of East Anglia

Amy Cohen, MA University of Miami

Jason Cohen, BA, Florida State University

Julius Dewald, BS, MA, University of Miami

Luke Drake, BS, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Scott Drinkall, MA, Hardin-Simmons University
BSE, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Edgar Espinoza, BA, University of Costa Rica

Chao Fan, BS, Nanjing University

David Feuer, Miner and Miner, Denver

Monique Hernandez, MA California State University, Los Angeles

Karolina Janik, BA, University of Maryland, College Park

Matthew Kapolka, BS, University of Miami
Rising Sea Levels and the Florida Peninsula

Elizabeth Kelly, BA, Old Dominion University

Stacey Kerr, BS, University of Miami

William Kutz, BA, San Francisco State University

Adam Levy, Ph.D. Program, University of Colorado

Zhen Liu, University of Cincinnati &
Sun Yat-Sen University

Emily Martens, BA, University of Colorado, Boulder

Ryan McLemore, BA University of Texas at Austin
Geographies of Indian Outdoor Advertising

Marco Milliones, Ph.D. Program, Clark University

Nancy Morris, BS, Sam Houston State University

Michael Parenti, BS, Rutgers University

Juan Pedreno

Kathleen Poncy, BA Michigan State University

Ricardo Reboredo, BA, University of Miami

Sarah Reginelli, Planning Position, City of Albany, NY

Christina Salas, BA Florida International University
Social Studies Department at 
Cooper City High School, Broward County

Chance Scott, The Center for Computaional ScienceUniversity of Miami

Alpen Sheth, BA University of Chicago
Informal Economy

Kai Kenttamaa Squires, BA, Arizona State University

Michael Wayne Stokes, BA, University of Miami

Austin Swift

Daniel Thompson, BA, University of Miami

Gemma Valls, BA, Florida International University

Yu Wang, BS, Huazhong Agricultural University

Mark White, NIV Galway