Lab Facilities & Resources

      GIS Lab Hours Spring 2020

  • ArcGIS 10 license renewed. The department's GIS Lab Manager, Chris Hanson, provides university-wide support to ESRI product users on campus.
  • The 42-inch printer is up and running. This large-format printer will enable students and faculty to print out large maps and posters for conferences and other presentations.
  • We have twenty WAAS-capable Garmin GPS receivers to support faculty and student field research in South Florida and beyond.
  • Idrisi Selva version. The lab has a license of the Idrisi software, which supports image analysis, raster-based GIS, and advanced decision support using GIS. For more information see
  • SPSS Statistics is available for statistical work.
  • The Microsoft Office Enterprise 2016 suite and Acrobat are also available.
  • The new Canon color printer also serves copier and document scanner needs.